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India to provide subsidised corn to poultry farmers

Published on 4 July, 2006, Last updated at 00:03 GMT

4th July 2006, MUMBAI: India has announced that it will distribute 800,000 tonnes of corn at subsidised prices to provide relief to its poultry farmers.

Corn would be sold at Rs. 450 to Rs. 500 a quintal (100kg) compared with Rs. 670 at the open market, according to the National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC).

60,000 tonnes of country maize and 7,000 tonnes of cumbu would also be distributed to farmers. The Union Government usually would release corn during monsoons.

India's poultry industry accounts for nearly 80 percent of corn consumed in the country.

The government had initially wanted to release 530,000 tonnes of corn at subsidised rates, but NECC has persuaded it to raise the amount to 800,000 tonnes.

The NECC added that steps were also being taken to remove export hurdles.


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