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Bayside feed mill gets air quality approval

Published on 18 June, 2012, Last updated at 18:11 GMT
Bayside feed mill gets air quality approval

Skretting Canada's fish feed mill located in Bayside, New Brunswick is set to have a new Class 1 air quality certificate continuation approved by the provincial government.

The feed mill's current certificate runs out on the 15th of July; with the new certificate taking effect from the 16th of July. The continuation of the the approval comes after a public consultation process that included a public review which took place from Dec. 15, 2011, to April 23, 2012.

In New Brunswick, it is mandatory for Class 1 major industries to follow the Air Quality Regulation under the Clean Air Act and to work under the terms and conditions established in its cerification to carry on operations.

The fish feed mill in Bayside outputs about 40,000 megatonnes of fish feed per annum, most supplying the Canadian aquaculture industry. The feed processing plant is made up of several sections, including raw material intake, finished product section, conveying, pelleting and mixing equipment as well as a cold plasma odor extraction system.


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