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8 million dollar livestock feeding initiative announced for Alberta

Published on 11 December, 2009, Last updated at 01:02 GMT
8 million dollar livestock feeding initiative announced for Alberta

Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) has allocated 8 million dollars in a feed initiative to help develop improved feed for animals and find better ways to use that feed. They hope to make Alberta producers more profitable and the livestock industry on the whole, more competitive.

ALMA has worked with key industry stakeholders who came together to develop a Feed Grain Strategy, which will serve as a backdrop for the initiative. Those industry partners include the Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, Alberta Barley Commission, Alberta Pork, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund as well as Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Moving forward, the list of stakeholders involved with the initiative will grow.

Livestock producers will benefit from a better bottom line through improved production practices. Feed grain producers will see higher values for higher-quality feeds. The entire industry will benefit from an improved competitive position.

More information can be read here: Alberta Feed Initiative


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