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Ningxia feed processing industry output reaches 1.56 billion RMB

Published on 10 December, 2009, Last updated at 00:19 GMT
Ningxia feed processing industry output reaches 1.56 billion RMB

A small Hui autonomous region, in Northern-Central China, Ningxia's feed industry has developed rapidly, and it's feed industry has just reported an annual turnover of 1.56 billion Yuan (230 million USD). Ningxia's feed industry started late, but with the region's rapid development of it's animal husbandry and feed industry, the pace of development has accelerated noticeably.

Up to present, the entire district's industry feed output amounts to 700,000 tons, the feed industry's annual production is worth 1.56 billion Yuan (230 million USD).

A wide range of product types are manufactured in the area, including complete feeds, single feed, feed additives, and additive premixes. Product is supplied to local areas, surrounding regions and feed additive products has reached oversea markets. The region has 800 outlets dealing in feed, and currently employs an estimated 4000 people workforce.

rom the terms of the types of feed products, there is the full price of feed, single feed, additives and additive premix fodder, in addition to the supply of products in this area, but also radiation surrounding areas, some feed additives products have been sold overseas.

Feed quality has been stable for three consecutive years. with a quality inspection consistently above 98%, and have been free from any serious safety accidents of feed quality.



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