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Tapered Pellet Dies: Countersink
Countersunk inlet: Countersunk pellet dies have the inlets where the material enters the pellet die countersunk into the surface of the die. This acts to encourage material into... Tapered Pellet Dies: Countersink
Tapered Pellet Dies: Compression ratio
Compression ratio: The compression ratio is the ratio between the effective pelleting length (the actual compression thickness) and... Tapered Pellet Dies: Compression ratio
Bagging and Packaging Equipment
From the finished product bins there are a wide number of available options for storing or bagging the feed. If finished feed is for own use the feed will be transfered to the storage... Bagging and Packaging Equipment
Feed Mixer
Efficient mixing is the key to good feed production. The feed will not be the balanced formulation it is designed to be unless... Feed Mixer
Hammer Mill Hammers - Beaters
Hammers are used inside the hammer mill to impact smash ingredients up into smaller particles, making it more suitable for uniform mixing and usage in feed. Hammers are available in a huge range... Hammer Mill Hammers - Beaters
Hammer Mill Perforated Screens
Hammer mills screens are used inside a hammer mill to seperate particle sizes. Particle of small enough diameter that has been sucessfully grinded by the hammer mill passes through the screen... Hammer Mill Perforated Screens
Hammer Mill Rods
Hammer are attached to rods inside the hammer mill, which are what they are swung on. Dimensions of rods are dependant on brand and style of the hammer mill.... Hammer Mill Rods
Hammer mills: hammermills
In the feed processing process there may be a number of ingredients that require some form of processing. These feed ingredients include coarse cereal grains, corn which... Hammer mills: hammermills
Particle Size Reduction
Size Reduction: The initial reduction of cereal grains begins by disrupting the outer protective layer of the seed (hull), exposing the interior, see the picture. Continued size... Particle Size Reduction
Freezers - Feed Machinery & Equipment
A freezer will only be required if it is intended to freeze moist extruded feed or moist feed ingredients for subsequent cold storage. Space can often be rented at a local cold store or fish... Freezers - Feed Machinery & Equipment
Extruders for Feed Production
Extruders are the machinery used to produce extruded petfood, (floating) extruded aquatic feeds and extruded animal feeds. The extrusion cooking process, because it causes a high level of... Extruders for Feed Production
Pellet Feed Dryers
Pellets from dry pelleters may exit at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature must be quickly reduced to ambient or less and the moisture... Pellet Feed Dryers
Pellet Feed Crumblers
A crumbler is a roller mill with rolls specially designed for breaking up pellets into smaller particles. Usually the crumbler consists of two... Pellet Feed Crumblers
Pellet Feed Coolers
Pellets from dry pelleters may exit at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature must be quickly reduced to ambient or less and the moisture... Pellet Feed Coolers

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