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Cookers - Post Conditioners
Cookers (also known as post conditioning units by some manufacturers) are used in aquafeeds for steaming/cooking feeds to assist with water stability through starch gelatinisation. Obviously the... Cookers - Post Conditioners
Feed Conveying Equipment
There are many different types of equipment for conveying feeds from one part of a mill to another or from one piece of equipment to another. Some are... Feed Conveying Equipment
Steam Feed Conditioners
The importance of steam conditioning was quantified in an experiment comparing dry pelleting with pelleting using steam conditioning [Skoch et al (1981)]. The results of this study indicated that... Steam Feed Conditioners
Computerized Feed Dosing and Batching Systems
Batching/dosing is the process in feed production normally happening between the grinding of ingredients and the mixing of the feed. This system comprises of storage bins over the mixer, process... Computerized Feed Dosing and Batching Systems
Bulk feed ingredients storage
Bulk ingredients storage: Processing feed requires storage of ingredients in either bulk or bagged form. Micro ingredients such as vitamins... Bulk feed ingredients storage
Handling of feed ingredients
Auger conveyors are commonly used to handle grain, soybean meal, and mixed feed. Capacities vary with auger diameter and operating speed. Four-inch diameter augers, operating at a slow speed,... Handling of feed ingredients
Feed Ingredients: Bagged or Bulk Purchases
Soybean meal may be purchased either bagged or in bulk. The decision of which to use is based on the labor of handling bags, the cost of bulk storage and the cost of bagged vs. bulk product.... Feed Ingredients: Bagged or Bulk Purchases
Anti-bridging devices
Agitators (anti-bridging devices) are usually high maintenance items that often lose parts into the product stream and damage equipment. When they fail, it is extremely difficult to discharge a... Anti-bridging devices

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