Handling and Storage Of Soybeans and Soybean Meal: Part 6 - Summary


The success in the storage and handling of soybeans and soybean meal is dependent upon the understanding of the combined effects of the three most important factors causing spoilage, namely:
1. temperature
2. moisture
3. time

High ambient temperatures and relative humidities above 65% favor both fungi and insect development in stored products. An effective program of monitoring the condition of the stored products and means of maintaining uniform product moisture and temperature, such as by aeration, cooling (chilling) or by proper ventilation are indispensable elements in the successful maintenance of the quality of soybean and soybean meal.

It should be remembered that the original quality of the soybeans and soybean meal cannot be improved upon and that the quality will decline with time. However, deterioration can be reduced to an acceptable level by keeping the products cool and dry during the storage period. This will ensure the availability of good quality product when needed for processing or marketing.


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