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Two new greenfield feed mill projects scheduled to finish at year end

Published on 12 July, 2013, Last updated at 23:39 GMT
Two new greenfield feed mill projects scheduled to finish at year end

Dutch silo construction company Top Silo Constructions (TSC) have reported that they will erect and install two large square silo projects in Germany in the last half of this year.

Both silo projects are part of greenfield feed mills, turn-key projects of Ottevanger Milling Engineers, a feed machinery manufacturer also located in the Netherlands.

TSC has reported that engineering and production of the square silo installations is currently at full pace.

The first new factory is one of Luxembourg Cooperative Versis DE Verband and will be built in Perl in Saarland in Germany, only 10 km from the border with Luxembourg. The square raw materials and finished goods silos add up to almost 100 bins and 7.500m3 of storage capacity.

The other investment in a compound feed plant is a joint venture of Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH together with Raiffeisen-Warenzentrale Kurhessen-Thüringen and Raiffeisen Hellweg Lippe eG. Together they will operate this new plant that will be built in the harbor of Hamm in Germany. They will store around 8.500 m3 of raw materials and finished products in over 80 square cells.


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