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Kazak meat exported to Moscow

Published on 3 October, 2013, Last updated at 00:43 GMT
Kazak meat exported to Moscow

Kazak meat producers, Crown Batis LLP, are celebrating their first export shipment of meat to Moscow. The shipment, in contract with Moscow Trade House, was for the export of 20 tonnes of beef.

The country is now hopeful that more exports of beef cattle will follow, after the Russian importer recognized the quality of the meat from Kazakhstan, and that the meat industry in the country will grow.

Crown Batis along with KazAgroProdukt, a livestock company established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, have constructed a feedlot designed for the housing of 8,600 head of cattle.

The facilities also includes modern refrigeration systems and a feed mill. Canadian technology allows for the production of environmentally friendly products.


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