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Ireland holds imported feed because of GM material

Published on 23 May, 2007, Last updated at 15:35 GMT
By Tom Steever

Ireland’s Ag Department impounded thousands of tons of U.S. corn gluten feed and distillers' dried grain because it contains genetically modified Herculex Rw corn, according to a news release issued by that department. Although legal in the U.S., Herculex Rw is not authorized in the European Union.

The twelve thousand metric ton cargo was unloaded at Dublin port in early April and was certified not to contain genetically modified material. However, information received in May from Dutch authorities, where the rest of the shipment went, showed samples tested positive for Herculex Rw.


Ireland says some of the material was already incorporated into the animal feed chain, but they say it’s unlikely to have any adverse effect on human or animal health or the environment. Just the same, a hold is in place for the remaining seven thousand metric tons of material.

An application for EU approval of Herculex Rw is pending and evaluations by the EU Food Safety Authority have been favorable. Ireland’s Food Safety Authority agrees. The application is to be considered by a Brussels based EU committee June 8.


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