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Glon to invest 100 million euros to modernise its 23 feed mills

Published on 23 September, 2013, Last updated at 11:54 GMT
Glon to invest 100 million euros to modernise its 23 feed mills

French company Glon, is set to heavily invest in their feed milling operations, announcing plans to invest a hundred million euros to modernize its Sanders feed plants.

Sanders, a leading animal feed producer in France operates 23 plants producing 3.3 million tons of feed every year. The business accounts for 62% of the activity of Glon.

So far this year, 15 million euros has already been invested in the Saint-Gérand, Pontivy the site of the group's headquarters, as well as Saint-Thégonnec (29) Landrecy (59) and Allegre-les-Fumades (30).

Fifty million euros will be invested to upgrade other activities in Glon (swine processing, poultry, eggs, etc). This includes projects such as reducing phosphorus discharges through formulation of appropriate foods, developing photovoltaics, composting, anaerobic digestion, accelerating the upgrading of their poultry farms, improving the care of animals in slaughterhouses, and more.

A spokesperson for the company said the investments were necessary and that the "The goal is to remain competitive."


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