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Dutch joint venture opens new feed mill in China

Published on 22 December, 2015, Last updated at 19:40 GMT
Dutch joint venture opens new feed mill in China

Red strings, speeches and a new factory was the event of the weekend as PUAI Feed hosted the opening ceremony of the new pig feed factory in Hunan province.

For nearly two years, DLG has been active in the Chinese market for feed and premix. The investment in China with Puai Feed make us able to open a modern factory by European standards.

"It is very satisfying that we can make a difference in the Chinese market, and there is no doubt that the new feed mill, which is on par with the best European factories can create value for both the Chinese pig farmers, Puai Feed and DLG's owners, "said DLG's Group Executive Vice President Jacob Holm responsible for the business area Vitamins and Minerals.

The new feed factory is located in Hunan Province and has a capacity of 180,000 tons. It will supply customers in both Hunan- and Hubei provinces where Puai has closed two older factories. There are 20 production workers at the plant. Very few employees by Chinese standards, but more than in the equivalent Danish factories. The reason is that the bulk deliveries are not yet working in China - bagged goods are still the primary.

A perfect timing for next step in the DLG long terms investments in China as the market demands for food safety increases.


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