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Biocane set for stiff competition

Published on 19 April, 2006, Last updated at 01:26 GMT

19th Apr, 2006: BRISBANE - Queensland Canegrowers says an emerging Sunshine Coast company which produces cattle trash-feed for export may face some stiff competition.

Biocane Australia is one of 21 regional projects to share $36 million in federal funding for regional projects, to assist in the reform of the sugarcane industry.

Canegrowers' chairman Alf Cristaudo says the sugar cane industry is watching the progress of Biocane, as a potential alternative for its product if one is needed.

"There's been a number of people looking at alternatives by way of stockfeed, there's been quite a few project applications along that line," he said.

"Cow candy is not the only one, but obviously if it does become successful and the consumers find it attractive then yes, other people will probably look at it."

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