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Bühler launches Ecoline Pro, die casting machine

Published on 5 March, 2013, Last updated at 15:35 GMT
Bühler launches Ecoline Pro, die casting machine

With its Ecoline Pro, Bühler is launching a new cold-chamber die casting machine that seamlessly supplements its existing machine portfolio. Wherever top quality and productivity with maximum flexibility are crucial in die casting applications, this machine will be found to be exactly the right choice. Ecoline Pro comes with a locking force range of 3,400 to 8,400 kN. The shot unit creates a high degree of freedom for using a wide variety of dies, thanks to its possibility of flexible adjustment. Ecoline Pro is the ideal solution for manufacturing cast components of low complexity. It combines modern and reliable die casting technology with very easy handling and unrivaled productivity.

Easy handling
Ecoline Pro focuses on the essentials: easy handling, top availability, and flexible application. Its well thought-out design guarantees maximum productivity.

The machine is distinguished by its ruggedness and reliability. Its die closing unit builds upon the tried-and-tested Bühler toggle system and contributes to a high operating reliability of the system.

Perfect down to the last detail
Ecoline Pro is perfectly prepared to meet the requirements of frequent product changes: fast setup, designed for different casting processes, and low in maintenance. This reduces service and unit costs on a sustainable basis. The height-adjustable Ecoline shot unit operates with extremely high precision. In conjunction with the Bühler three-phase technology, it fulfills all the conditions for achieving stable production.

The Bühler multistep casting technology offers maximum flexibility in designing the cavity filling process. The plunger stroke and velocity can be adjusted during the filling phase to suit the individual requirements of the component to be manufactured.

High productivity
The operator interface of the Ecoline Pro is clearly structured and has been designed with user friendli-ness in mind. Also the hydraulic and electronic systems are easy to understand, thanks to their reduced number of components. This minimizes the training and maintenance requirements. An integrated diagnostics tool supports users in analyzing deviations in the production process.


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