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Agro-Industrial completes installation of feed equipment

Published on 27 September, 2013, Last updated at 03:54 GMT
Agro-Industrial completes installation of feed equipment

Agro-Industrial «Molochny Product» LLC have completed the installation of equipment for their new 340 tonnes per annum feed mill.

The feed mill will provide fodder for the group's own stock of pigs and cows, with surplus sold on the market.

With the new feed mill, the company will be able to reduce costs by vertically integrating production of their operations.

Agro-Industrial «Molochny Product» is involved in the production of dairy milk, cereals and meat, and currently operates 2 grain elevators and silos with storage of 150 thousand tonnes of grain, along with a dairy processing plant with a capacity of up to 60 tonnes of milk per day.

A slaughterhouse for their pig and cattle stock with a processing capacity of up to 87 thousand tonnes per year is currently planned.


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