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Feed mill expansion doubles Pilmico's feed production capacity

Published on 21 December, 2010, Last updated at 21:58 GMT
Feed mill expansion doubles Pilmico's feed production capacity

Philippines -- Pilmico Foods Corp. has completed its feedmill expansion, doubling its capacity to produce high-quality feeds and enabling the company to meet the growing demand for animal feeds in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The feedmill is located at the Pilmico milling complex in Kiwalan Cove, Iligan City. The additional production capacity further ensures that the company’s high quality products will be available to customers at all times.

Expansion work on the feedmill began in June 2009 and took a year to complete. Ottevanger, the company in the Netherlands that specializes in designing and building a complete range of feed milling machinery, turned over the feedmill to Pilmico management in July 2010.

This year, Pilmico also expanded its product portfolio by venturing into the gamefowl industry through Salto, its newest brand for gamefowl feed. Salto offers a complete feed line from chick booster, baby stag developer, stag developer, maintenance and conditioner for a roundup of protection and stamina from the brooding to ranging and to conditioning stages.

Pilmico Foods Corp is a subsidiary Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corp. supplies high-nutrition quality feeds, animal nutrition advice and superior piglets to hog raisers. It has commercial feeds manufacturing plants in Sto. Domingo II in Capas, Tarlac and in Iligan City. It also has swine breeding and finishing operations facilities in barangays Aranguren and Cut-Cut in Capas, Tarlac.


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