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ZMP: more compound feed in Europe

Published on 19 March, 2008, Last updated at 07:29 GMT

Although the prices of raw materials are at record heights at the moment, Europe is still increasing the production of compound feed, according to German statistics bureau ZMP.

ZMP based this assessment on an estimate by the European Federation of Compound Feed Industries (FEFAC). According to ZMP, the feed production increased by 2 million tonnes (1.4%) to 147.4 million tonnes in comparison to the previous year.

A key factor was the production of mixed feed for pigs, which rose by 3.2% to 51.4 million tonnes. Feed for poultry grew by 1% to 46.5 million tonnes. Cattle feed went up by 0.6% to 38.5 million tonnes.

Most increase in Germany
Production increased especially significantly in Germany, by 5.1% to 21.3mt. France too registered an above-average increase (2.5% to 22.2 million tonnes). Italy and the Netherlands also registered increases (14.2mt - 3.6% and 13. 7 mt - 3.2% respectively). By comparison Spain cut back on production by 1.5%.- to 19.5mt. In the UK production went down by 0.6% to 14 million tonnes. The biggest production decrease was in Ireland, where the cut-back was in the order of 14% to 3.4 million tonne


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