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VNU signs 3-year exhibition deal with FAVA

Published on 13 February, 2014, Last updated at 12:40 GMT
VNU signs 3-year exhibition deal with FAVA

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific and Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations or FAVA today signed a memorandum of understanding to intensify collaboration in creating strong network and relationship with livestock industry partners and improving content and management in VIV Asia and ILDEX Exhibitions.

The MoU commits the two organizations to share knowledge and expertise relating to the livestock and aquaculture industry. The jointly host seminars, workshops and training events will be utilized in VIV Asia in Thailand and ILDEX Exhibitions in Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia during 2014 – 2016. Moreover, the student scholarship programs will be presented in Southeast Asia, South Asia and China.

His Excellency Mr. Joan A. Boer, the Ambassador to Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok mentioned that "Innovations are needed to scale up production effectively. Not by copying Dutch technology, but by developing tailor made solutions that are adapted to local circumstances. Using our knowledge, our drive for innovation, our entrepreneurship and international outlook we will continue to be the frontrunners when it comes to adding value, knowledge and innovation, increased productivity and sustainable production around the world. The increased focus on food quality and animal welfare is both an opportunity and a challenge for producers. VNU in cooperation with FAVA can provide an excellent platform to bring together people from all over the world to jointly face the challenges that lie ahead in animal production in Asia and realize the great opportunities that Asia has to offer."

"We acknowledge and respect the great importance of the veterinarian profession for the development of both the livestock industry and the pet industry and are very pleased to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations today. It confirms we are working with the industry as a partner. In our opinion this is the only way to develop an industry. We believe that our corporations will benefit the development of the industry and that we are on the right track to take on the challenge of the upcoming AEC." said Mr.Gerard Leeuwenburgh, Managing Director, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific

The MOU comes at a time when VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, the 2-years old joint venture company of VNU Exhibitions Europe and TCC Exhibition and Convention Center, is achieving the high growth performance by managing and organizing more than 8 livestock exhibitions and conferences in Southeast Asia. With the corporation of FAVA, VNU Exhibitions will become stronger than ever in connecting to worldwide veterinary network.

"FAVA's mission is to enhance the quality of life of the people in the region through responsible animal care and welfare through unified professional associations. In 2015, ASEAN will become one community; therefore we should be ready for the change in many aspects. This diversity

will reflect in the consumption and production trends in livestock industries. In order to grow and address the future challenge in AEC, FAVA agreed to collaborate with VNU Exhibitions Europe and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific to create a regional network in AEC and among FAVA members. VNU Exhibitions will basically support FAVA with the student scholarship programs in Southeast Asia, South Asia and China. On the other hand, knowledge sharing and industries' new trend will be supported by FAVA through VIV Asia and ILDEX Exhibitions Conference and Seminar from 2014 – 2016," explained Dr.Johnson Chiang, FAVA President.

"This Embassy has also worked along very closely with VNU to support the activities of Dutch businesses in the livestock sector in ASEAN. The strong brands that VNU has established over the years, like VIV Asia and ILDEX, create a wonderful platform for networking and knowledge sharing in the the livestock sector. Our government supports these exhibitions by organizing a Holland pavilion, where Dutch businesses are represented individually. The next events in which we will join forces is the 5th edition of ILDEX Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City from 19-21 March 2014 and of course VIV 2015. For ILDEX we are making preparations for the Dutch pavilion, matchmaking and a network event. I know VNU has big plans for VIV 2015 and will yet again exceed the success of the previous editions," said Ms. Daphne Dernison, Deputy Head, Agriculture Affair to Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangkok

At the signing ceremony, VIV Asia 2015 and VIV Europe 2014's latest updates were also presented. "VIV Europe 2014 will be held from May 20 – 22, 2014 at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands and ready to welcome and inform feed industry executives from around the world. We always cover the agribusiness spectrum from feed to meat in every VIV event. But Utrecht in May will underline the feed aspect in several ways. By our preliminary calculation there will be more than 40 exhibitors with machinery or equipment for feed mills. In addition to that, about 15 companies supplying feed manufacturing systems will be represented on the stands forming a special CropTech-FeedTech pavilion. The VIP Programs are also arranged for Southeast Asia buyers which you can contact VNU Exhibitions in Bangkok for the special package," said Mr.Ruwan Berculo, VIV Project Manager, VNU Exhibitions Europe.

Mrs.Ladda Mongkolchaivivat, General Manager of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific has presented the overview of ILDEX Exhibitions which are organized in ASEAN countries; Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia. ILDEX's aim is to bring in the country' new international technologies and build the platforms for market opportunities while maintaining a localized approach.

The signing ceremony were attended by many livestock partners including Deputy Director General of Department of Livestock Development, Vice President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Country Director of World Society for the Protection of Animals, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, President of Veterinary Council of Thailand, President of Animal Husbandry Association of Thailand and media members.


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