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Triton Aqua announce plans to invest in aquaculture and feed production

Published on 31 December, 2014, Last updated at 10:31 GMT
Triton Aqua announce plans to invest in aquaculture and feed production

Indian firm Triton Aqua Africa Limited look set to boost local fish production in Nigeria following in reply by a recent decision by the federal Government to review its fish importation policy.

Triton Aqua, one of the largest fish importers in Nigeria, plans to invest up to USD$60 million into the Nigerian aquaculture sector in the next 5-6 years.

Director of Project at Triton Aqua, Mr. Yashpal Jain said that the company has started partnering with some state governments, which include Oyo, Ogun, Kwara and Ekiti states respectively on their different dams, which surveys on proved that they are good for local fish farming production in the country.

Speaking on the company’s plan for Nigeria, Jain said the company will set up its own feed mill for fish feed once it reach a reasonable scale of production in three year of operations. Adding that the company leverage in house consumption for aqua culture as well poultry broiler farms to get economies of scale for feed mill.

He added: “we will set up intensive farming technology in Cages in Dams, we will also set up farms in ponds in Nigeria, our plans will be backed by our own state of art hatchery, we will also invest in our own feed mill

“We would like to set up hatcheries for both Africa Catfish and Tilapia. For this we will need to import genetically improved brood stock for both these species. This hatchery will provide fingerlings for our own grow out farms and for other Tilapia and Cat fish farms in Nigeria. We will need land dedicated water source for this hatchery,” he added.


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