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New mini feed factory opens next to pig farm

Published on 20 September, 2014, Last updated at 12:31 GMT
New mini feed factory opens next to pig farm

A new feed mill opened yesterday, next to the Krasnoyarsk pig farm.

The mini feed factory operated by Siberian Agrarian Group is located five kilometres from the Sec. Much Murtha pig farm. Its production capacity is 3.5 tonnes per hour.

One of the existing premises belonging to the enterprise was renovated in the summer, followed by the purchase of feed machinery equipment for the preparation of animal feed, commissioning of the plant and the purchasing of raw materials.

Yesterday the mini feed factory produced its first 8 tonnes of feed. According to the company, the plant will reach 100% of the pig farm's demand of compound feed, in the current population numbers, within the next six months.

According to the director of JSC Pig Krasnoyarsk, Alexander Sychev, the proximity of the feed plant will help to reduce the cost of feed.

As previously reported, the group CEO Andrew Tyutyushev, stated that they will continue the construction of pig farm this year which has been allocated 3 billion rubles. The construction of the feed mill will have an investment of around 250 million rubles.

Siberian Agrarian Group is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding company with full production and sales cycle, where all processes are in a closed chain - from feed production to the production of meat products and its implementation. Siberian Agrarian Group includes: a pig farm "Tomsk" (Tomsk region), pig farm "Ural" (Sverdlovsk region), pig farm "Eastern Siberia" (Republic of Buryatia), Poultry "Tomsk" (Tomsk region), meat-packing plants in Tomsk Kemerovo, Kamensk-, City dairy Plant "Rustic milk" (Tomsk region), Asino feed mill (Tomsk region), three farms in the area Asino (Tomsk region).


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