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New feed plant in Talmensky

Published on 1 October, 2015, Last updated at 05:50 GMT
New feed plant in Talmensky

Russian livestock enterprise Altay Myasoprom is nearing completion the construction of their new feed mill in Talmensky District. The feed plant comprises of two independently operating production lines with capacities of 12 and 15 tonnes of compound feed per hour. Combined their total production capacity is 540 tonnes per day

Feed production at the plant is fully automated and the plant is able to operate with only one or two people.

It is expected that about half of the compound feed produced will be directed to the needs of the company's pig farm, with the remaining part will be sold, with a strong demand in neighbouring Kazakhstan.

"We learned from a lot of feed mills projects. Their main drawback - being the high number of storeys, often 4-5 floors, needing elevator technology and stuff that does not suit us. The complex now has full automation, with one person controlling everything. Equipment and technology was from Denmark, with all machinery on the single floor," said Boris Panov, CEO of Altay Myasoprom. According to him, the plant is planned to start producing feed by the end of the year.


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