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Muyang recognised as one of 'China's top ten grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in 2012'

Published on 5 September, 2013, Last updated at 19:48 GMT
Muyang recognised as one of 'China's top ten grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises in 2012'

Chinese feed machinery manufacturers Muyang were recognised as a '2012 China's top ten grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprise' along with Muyang's chairman Mr. Li Minyue recognized as as one of China's top 100 Entrepreneurs. The awards were held by the Chinese vocational education and food industry dialogue in Beijing, on the 29th August, 2013.

The theme of the dialogue was to promote integration of production and education, deepen the school-enterprise cooperation, cultivate the skilled talents, serving the modern food industries. The activity was host by Ming Xu who is the Deputy Secretary at State Grain Administration. Kaidao Ge, Ministry of Education, read out the whole party members, and Xin Lu, as an undersecretary, specifically made a written statement.

Xin Lu put forward four points on the future of food reform and development: Firstly, it was necessary to establish an integrated and coordinated working mechanism; secondly, enhancing the quality of the training industry was also important in current situation; thirdly, we should give full play to industry organizations; fourthly, the organization should reinforce policy funding. Lu emphasized that it would be a successful experience relying on the vocational education which was also an international practice. He also came up with the idea to accelerate the development of modern food vocational education, strengthen food professional education teaching reform, and improve the quality on personnel training. The education sector and the food sector should build together a number of food vocational colleges which can cultivate more skilled talents.

Ming Xu, in his speech, pointed that food industry was not only a traditional industry, but also a developing one with high knowledge and high technology. To ensure national food security, Government required a large number of skilled professionals, and strengthening school-enterprise cooperation was an important way to train highly qualified technical skilled personnel.

Subsequently, the Sichuan Grain University, COFCO Limited, Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Trade and Industry, LiHaiJiaLi Group, Guangxi Business Technology Institute, Muyang Group, Wudeli Flour Corporation and other seven schools and businesses made the final speeches.

Also, the event also released its 2012 annual key findings on the special grain and oil companies, issuing certificates as to top 50 enterprises, as China Quality Inspection Association member, Muyang Group won the "2012 China top ten grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises."

Finally, it held a the awards for the "top 100 Chinese Entrepreneurs", where the chairman of Muyang Group, Minyue Li was awarded.


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