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Malaysian company to open small catfish feed mill

Published on 7 November, 2013, Last updated at 11:16 GMT
Malaysian company to open small catfish feed mill

Malaysian company PY Maju Trading Ltd will invest approximately RM200,000 (USD$60,000) to construction a feed mill for the production of catfish feed. They aim to meet domestic demand with the product of the mill, as well as help to stabilise prices in the feed country.

Manager of PY Maju Trading Ltd, Zakaria Harun, explained that the feed mill had long been postponed due to lack of capital. The feed mill will have a production capacity of 2 tonnes a day, equivalent to 100 sacks of pellets.

PY Maju Trading Ltd was formed from capital of RM1 million (USD$315,000), and began the production of catfish feed 5 years ago in Kampung Kubang Puyu.

PY Maju Trading's catfish operations comprise of 100 ponds covering a total area of 30 acres (12 ha.). The catfish farm can produce 7 metric tonnes of catfish per month, and their product is sold within and outside of the state. In addition to the sale of catfish the company also sell frozen and dried catfish.


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