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Livestock feed fibre shortage

Published on 26 June, 2007, Last updated at 12:25 GMT

Despite rain in some areas, many Australian dairy and beef producers face a forage shortage over the winter months, with fibre sources being the most challenging to provide.

“We’ve never faced a challenge of this nature before but help is available,” Dairy Australia’s Chris Murphy says.

Dairy Australia is co-ordinating Feed.FIBRE.Future, a program to help farmers make decisions about feeding their herds over the winter - providing farmers with information, advice and support in making decisions.

It’s being delivered with $400,000 funding from the Federal Government (DAFF).

Technical information has been published in a series of easy-to-read fact sheets on topics, such as risk factors with low fibre diets, alternative fibre sources, feed additives and feeding management tips.



Feed.FIBRE.Future workshops currently being run across dairying areas will continue into July.

These provide technical and management information to help farmers assess their current position, review feasible feeding strategies and options, and develop a plan to get through the winter.

A second series of workshops will offer farmers a free 90-minute individual consultation with an adviser with nutrition and farm business expertise.

These will help farmers quantify their feed gap, based on the amount of feed available on-farm and herd requirements.

The adviser will help tailor options to close the feed gap, considering resources available.

Farmers will leave with a plan, specifically designed for their individual situation.


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