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Importance placed on upgrade of feed mills in Camagüey, Cuba

Published on 30 March, 2013, Last updated at 07:59 GMT

Several feed mill in Camagüey, Central Cuba, have been earmarked for upgrades and refurbishments. The feed mill upgrades are of great importance to the region, with a lack of pastures and foraging crops after prolonged droughts, and are necessary to ensure the supply of feeds which have direct impact on the results of the province’s productions.

The start of 2013 saw the recovery of El Aguacatal feed mill, located in the municipality of Jimaguayú.
The feed mill is now capable of producing 16 MT per day, utilising forage, yucca, crop residues, corn and soybean as raw materials.

Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in Camagüey, Engineer Edenio Puga said that they are currently working on the refurbishment of a feed mill in Guáimaro, and following that they will rebuild the feed mill located in the Empresa Pecuaria Triángulo 3 (the most important cattle-raising company in this province), followed by a feed mill in the municipality of Najasa.

The cadre stated, that the refurbishment of the feed mills should be accompanied by the planting of feed crops in order to supply the feed mills and lessen the reliance on imports.


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