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Finland: Lšnnen Tehtaat Oyj: First action for the joint venture of lšnnen tehtaat and raisio in Russ

Published on 22 March, 2006, Last updated at 23:29 GMT

22nd March, 2006: HELSINKI - ZAO Scandic Feed, the fifty-fifty owned joint venture of Lšnnen Tehtaat and

Raisio, has acquired the control of ZAO Tosno Feed Factory specialized in feed

production and marketing. The factory is located in Tosno town near St.

Petersburg. The parties of the deal have agreed not to publish the acquisition


Scandic Feed will develop the business of Tosno Feed Factory by exploiting the

know-how of Lšnnen Tehtaat and Raisio e.g. in raw material supply and feed R&D in

order to create customer oriented feeding concepts. Scandic Feed will also

develop Tosno's product portfolio. In Northwest Russia, the joint venture aims to

have a significant market position in the next five years.

ZAO Tosno Feed Factory was established in 1975 and privatized in 1992. The

company produces farm feeds. The production capacity can be tripled without any

major additional investments.

Main part of the production, almost two thirds, is poultry feed, rest being pig,

livestock and other feeds. The turnover of the company was EUR about 10 million

in 2005 and the result slightly positive.

The acquired company has a good logistical location in the Northwest Russian feed

market. The operating area of the company is volume wise almost the same size as

the Finnish feed market. At present, the main part of the production is

distributed to the neighbouring areas of St.Petersburg.

Final closing of the deal is subject to the clearance of the competition

authorities in Russia.

Mrs Kaija Viljanen has been appointed Managing Director of ZAO Scandic Feed. Mrs

Viljanen continues also as the Managing Director of Avena Nordic Grain Oy.


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