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De Heus starts construction on 5th feed mill in Vietnam

Published on 30 April, 2014, Last updated at 01:27 GMT
De Heus starts construction on 5th feed mill in Vietnam

Last month Vietnam De Heus started construction on its newest feed mill, its fifth in the country.

The feed mill located is located in Binh Xuyen industrial zone, Vinh Phuc, approximately 50 km away from Hanoi, a strategic location situated in the key livestock areas support to De Heus has the favorable condition to better serve the customers in the Northern

This is the fifth factory of De Heus in Vietnam and the second factory of De Heus in the North after Hai Phong factory.

With the goal in the top 5 of the company's largest feed in the market in the coming years and in the context of the number of customers increasing more and more, especially in the northern regions of Vietnam, the De Heus factory project in Vinh Phuc has been deployed in the hope of creating a premise and favorable conditions for the development in this area.

With a total investment capital of 30 million dollars, Vinh Phuc plant was built with modern high degree of automation. It is expected to reach capacity early stages about 150,000 tons / year. The plant will produce animal feed with high quality for pig, poultry, beef and seafood.
The factory in Vinh Phuc is located in Binh Xuyen industrial zone about 50 km away from Hanoi, a strategic position located in key livestock areas to support De Heus Company has many advantages to serve better our customers in the North.
With this project "Factory of the Future", De Heus brand in the North will be confirmed increasingly, following the success of De Heus in the North, after the success of plant in Hai Phong.

Vietnam De Heus belong to De Heus Group; a multinational corporation specializing in the manufacture of animal feed has more than 3,000 employees worldwide and exports to over 50 countries around the world.

De Heus manufacturing animal feed with high quality for pig, beef, chicken, duck and seafood. De Heus react very quickly to the requests and demands of the market and from customers. With the focus on technological improvements to maintain quality and stability, De Heus ensure that our customers receive the rapid support and help customers reduce costs, increasing profits.

Established in Vietnam in the end of 2008, De Heus acquired two factories in Binh Duong and Hai Phong . In 2011, De Heus invested in building modern factories and completely new factory in Dong Nai . And then De Heus continue to participate in aquatic feed market with strategic decision is to buy aquatic plants in Vinh Long and after a short period of development of Vinh Long plant more modern and scale. In 2014, De Heus continue to start construction of the plant in Vinh Phuc . With five factories in Vietnam, De Heus is confirming his branch and at present De Heus is ranked in the top 10 of the company ‘s largest producer of food in this areas.


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