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Cargill's Provimi Aloapur additive wins Innov’Space Innovation Award

Published on 16 September, 2014, Last updated at 12:26 GMT
Cargill's Provimi Aloapur additive wins Innov’Space Innovation Award

Cargill's animal nutrition business announced its Provimi Aloapur product was presented an Innov'Space award today at the 2014 SPACE conference, the second largest animal production trade show in the world. Judges honored Aloapur, a patented, bio-based animal feed additive that has demonstrated significant improvements in growth and feed conversion in poultry and turkey production in suboptimal conditions, as an innovation in poultry feed.

Aloapur is based on lactylates, which in vitro results show are capable of inducing a controlled shift in gastrointestinal microflora. Adding it to feed has proven to work consistently to improve the performance of poultry in suboptimal conditions resulting from environmental circumstances. The efficacy of Aloapur lactylates was demonstrated during trials with broilers subject to challenging conditions: growth performance was improved by up to 9 percent. Alopapur, marketed under Cargill's Provimi PROMOTE™ range of additives, was developed in partnership with Corbion, a company that specializes in the development of high performance bio-based products made from renewable resources.

"Modern poultry production faces many challenges that can compromise bird performance – including a dynamic global market and consumers demanding a more prudent use of antibiotics– and the use of lactylates in poultry feeds is an exciting new concept in animal nutrition," said Michel Richet, Provimi brand poultry director in France at Cargill. "This first-of-its-kind technology offers a promising, innovative nutritional solution and we're proud to be honored for it with the Innov'Space award."

There were 166 entries presented to the jury, composed of experts from technical institutes, INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and the Chambers of Agriculture, as well as livestock journalists and farmers, and Aloapur was one of 49 products deemed worthy of the Innov'Space label.
*Aloapur is a registered trademark of Purac Biochem B.V.


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