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Aviator Feed Supplement launched in Bangladesh

Published on 16 September, 2013, Last updated at 23:54 GMT
Aviator Feed Supplement launched in Bangladesh

Aviator, a globally renowned nutritious poultry feed supplement, is now available in the Bangladesh market. Analysts say that Aviator can function as an alternative to harmful antibiotic growth promoters for poultry producers, says a press release.

A research by Dr. Sergio Gomez, (INIFAP), Queretaro, Mexico shows that Aviator can help promote growth, enhance food efficiency and boost immunities to improve poultry performance.

According to Shamsul Huda, Managing Director of Wilts Marketing Co. Ltd, "Aviator is an ideal nutrition premix of poultry feed that helps to develop the digestive process of birds ensuring growth and productivity at a significant pace."

Aviator replaces products in poultry diets that contain MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), beta glucans, and other all-natural ingredients. It combines all these components into a single, convenient formulation that delivers multiple benefits for broilers and layers at all stages of growth.

Dr. Mosaddique Hossain, Director General, Department of Livestock services expressed his interest in introducing innovative products and technologies saying, "Such innovations will inspire the poultry feed market of Bangladesh immensely and will bring healthy products into play for a healthier generation."
Due to frequent use of antibiotics, residual effects are not confined in birds and animals only. These detrimental residual effects transmit to the human body through the intake of eggs and meat every day.

Considering the aspect, developed countries are working hard to rear birds and animals without antibiotics. Aviator, with its all natural ingredients, is that effective product of modern technology which helps to rear birds and animal without antibiotic.

Aviator protects against harmful pathogens and diseases such as E. coli, Salmonella, and coccidiosis. It improves nutrient digestibility and helps birds maintain performance, even when challenged with common poultry diseases.

Aviator essentially works to improve birds' immune system by controlling the development of a few harmful viruses in a bird's stomach.

Dr. Priya Mohan Das, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Heidi Rooney, International Marketing Manager, Vi-cor and John Oppy, Vice President, Vi-Cor were present at the occasion.


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