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Poultry and livestock deserve greater attention

Published on 6 March, 2010, Last updated at 01:14 GMT
Poultry and livestock deserve greater attention

Bangladesh - Despite heavy tolls taken by bird flu a member of times, Bangladesh is yet to develop an effective network for vaccination. Facilities for the production of proper feed meals and quality veterinary service are also lacking. These deficiencies can in no way be justified in a country with such a large poultry industry. The poultry industry grew but not the vital supportive services. How then this industry would remain viable?

The situation calls for due attention. The expansion of the supportive services would obviously generate employment and earnings for many. The Indian poultry and livestock industries are much more cost efficient in rearing and marketing of poultry birds and cattle compared to those in Bangladesh. It is one reason for smuggling Indian poultry and livestock into Bangladesh; for the eggs, the story is no different. It also speaks why the steps Bangladesh takes from time to time to stop the smuggling do not work. The task gets difficult because of price differences.

The challenge from across the border must be met by making Bangladesh's poultry and livestock industries efficient. The Bangladeshi producers have to be more competitive. Specially, they have to know efficient use of chemicals, produce standard animal feed and care about hygienic rearing. Moreover, they must know to better exploit the weather.

The needed information and expert technical assistance in these matters can be obtained by the associations of poultries and livestock producers from abroad. The know-how acquired should be promptly disseminated for the benefit of the greatest number of domestic producers. From the government's side, the stress should be on increasing productivity in poultry and livestock sectors through various incentives. But it is equally important for the relevant government agencies to develop the needed support services to tackle poultry and livestock epidemics.

Source: Hasibul Hasan - Financial Express (Bangladesh)


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