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Animal feed producer to open next year

Published on 3 December, 2009, Last updated at 12:23 GMT

NORTH BALTIMORE - Bakery Feeds, which recycles grain-based scrap into cattle and chicken feed, is constructing a 27,500-square-foot building about a mile and a half east of North Baltimore and just east of Interstate 75.

The recycling building at 2700 Grant Road will cost about $4 million to construct, Wood County Building Inspection Department records state. It could be completed and open in early 2010, Wood County records state.

The company has not decided yet how many people it will hire, said Christopher A. Griffin, director of legal affairs for Griffin Industries, Cold Spring, Ky., the parent corporation of Bakery Feeds.

Bakery Feeds recycles grain-based scrap and its packaging. The food byproducts are recycled into an animal feed ingredient called Cookie Meal. The packaging is used to fuel plant operations, Griffin said.

Bakery Feeds is the only company in its industry that recycles this packaging for reuse, preventing tons of waste from entering landfills


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