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Suguna Set's up India's largest feed mill

Published on 16 September, 2008, Last updated at 00:57 GMT

Suguna Poultry, one of the largest poultry firm in the country, on Sunday opened India's largest feed mill in Ekrajapura Village, Sulibele Hobli, Hoskote, Bangalore, with an investment of Rs 55 crore.

With a capacity of 80 Tonnes Per Hour (TPH) and expandable up to 140 TPH, the mill will benefit around 2000 farmers and provide direct employment for over 800 people, including indirect employment to about 2000 people.

The feed mill, that will source about 1500 MT of raw materials per day from maize-cultivating farmers in and around Karnataka, will produce mash, pellets and crumbles.

Besides, it is powered by a 2.5 MW eco-friendly bio-fuel plant, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions effectively. It is estimated that the annual per capita consumption of poultry meat in India is only 2 kilogram, while the world averages 10 kilogram.


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