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Pork-stuffed poultry feed deported to Italy

Published on 19 December, 2006, Last updated at 04:26 GMT


The Ministry of Commerce has allowed the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) to return poultry feed to its source in Italy.

Elements of pork were detected in the feed. The government has allowed re-export of poultry feed. The ministry had asked the Central Board of Revenue(CBR) to clear the consignments at the ports.

The CBR has issued instructions to all collectors of customs to entertain the request of PPA for re-export of the imported feeds, subject to the State Bank of Pakistan and fulfilling all requirements under customs law.

The CBR has further directed the collectors that no delay or detection certificate should be issued in the above-mentioned cases (import from Italy) where pork contents in poultry feed are present.


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