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Muyang launches new brand - FAMSUN

Published on 19 May, 2014, Last updated at 23:28 GMT
Muyang launches new brand - FAMSUN

Chinese feed machinery manufacturers Muyang launched their new brand, "FAMSUN" at China's Livestock Exposition held in Qingdao.

At the exhibition President of Muyang, Fan Tianming, revealed the newly designed logo on a sign in front of the viewing audience.

The new brand name FAMSUN encompasses the terms - famous, farm, family, sun and union, and seeks to represent an extension from Muyang which has been come recognised as a leading feed machinery brand.

The new brand aims to extend the product line beyond feed machinery and instead to represent the company as a complete integrated solutions product supplier.

In the 21st Century the Chinese feed industry has progressed in leaps and bounds, and has seen big industry consolidation. With companies such as New Hope Group, Tangrenshen Group completing mergers and acquisitions it has seen a move to vertically integrated production where the companies are in control of all areas of production from feed to food.

FAMSUN was created by Muyang to specifically to address the increase in vertical integration in animal and food production.

"Famous is our goal: to build a world-class brand,"said Fan Tianming.

Although starting later the Chinese feed industry has recently surpassed the United States in production numbers, becoming the world's top feed producer. However the country's technology application level and independent innovation is still lacking in areas.

Over the years, Muyang has worked closely and cooperated with leading feed research and development institutes, both within China and abroad. The company also has established R&D institutes in Denmark and the United States, developing a program of technical innovation at a total cost of CNY 1.25 billion.

Muyang currently has nearly 700 domestic patents, including a successful new multi-fibre puffed slowly sinking feed produced with ultra-fine grinding technology. Muyang has invested greatly in research, development and exploring new technology and production methods to stay at the forefront of machinery production.

In 2013 the Chinese feed machinery industry had exports to the value of 11,367 million, with represented a 5% growth over the previous year. Muyang's overseas market has maintained steady growth momentum.

The new brand FAMSUN - "Farm, family, sun" shows the company will provide a dedicated service to the whole industry chain, and the practical realisation of a seamless production from pastoral to the table, with standardised management.

The Chinese feed industry is experiencing a transition from low efficiency and retail business to modernisation, mechanisation, large-scale and integration.

According to statistics, in 1997 China had only 62 complete sets of feed machinery and equipment capacle of producing 10 tonnes per hour. By 2011 this number had jumped to 869, 14 times the number of 1997. In 1991, the Chinese national average yield was only 2,900 tonnes per annum, while in 2011 this number had increased 469% to 16,500 tonnes per annum. The rapid development of feed industry also contributed to the integration of upstream farming, midstream animal husbandry and downstream processing industry.

Muyang has held a leading position for many years in the feed machinery manufacturing market, with advantages of technology, customers, channels and capital accumulation, and it was easily recognised by the market as its upstream and downstream feed machinery manufacturing and to integrate amplification effect.

At the 12th China Animal Husbandry Expo held in Qingdao, China between May 18th and 20th and VIV Europe 2014 between May 20th and 22nd in Utrecht, Netherlands FAMSUN will make its debut and be introduced to the public.

Muyang will exhibit its full range full range of livestock products including pig series of field systems, material tower equipment, environmental control systems, feed delivery system, chicken broiler cage series of stacked devices, stacked equipment, brood rearing laying hens equipment, poultry rearing polishing machine, chain feeding, and other steel structures.

From MUYANG to FAMSUN, Muyang evolves to reflects Chinese agriculture, especially livestock operations which have made large changes with the modernisation from traditional production methods.


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