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Donstar opens largest feed mill in Russia

Published on 23 January, 2015, Last updated at 13:09 GMT
Donstar opens largest feed mill in Russia

Donstar, a business unit of Evrodon for the production and farming of ducks, has completed the construction of the country's largest feed mill to produce feed for their vertically integrated duck business.

Late last month in the Millerovskiy region, where Donstar's duck complex is located, the inauguration ceremony for the feed mill was held.

The new feed mill includes three production lines with design capacity of 70 tonnes of pelleted feed per hour, and can produce up to 300 thousand tonnes of feed per year for poultry and livestock. Part of the production plant the company intends to sell to third parties. In addition to the feed mill the "Donstar" complex also includes an incubator, 11 poultry portions of the parent and commercial flocks, poultry processing plant and a administrative building. The total area of the production facilities is approximately 230 thousand square meters of buildings.

The feed mill is the final part to be completed of their vertically integrated poultry complex for the growing and processing of duck meat.

"This is the first such project in the history of Russian and Soviet poultry. Duck - is a traditional product for the Russians. However, industrial production in the country was not. It is the largest complex for the production of duck meat, not only in Russia but also Europe."

"This project has no analogues in Russia. I am sure that the feed mill will be in demand by poultry and livestock companies in the region. In social terms - it's jobs and taxes for the region." the Deputy Governor, Vyacheslav Vasilenko, said during the opening.

The feed mill is of strategic importance for the entire complex for the production of duck meat. This will not only provide bird with feed of guaranteed quality, but also will help to achieve the best possible disclosure of the genetic potential of farmed birds. Reducing the cost by using its own production facilities, reducing the feed conversion, increased yield of meat will allow the company "Donstar" to achieve the highest performance and strengthen its leading position in the segment producer of duck meat.


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