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Chinese investor granted certificate for construction of Dobrich feed mill

Published on 8 October, 2015, Last updated at 06:54 GMT
Chinese investor granted certificate for construction of Dobrich feed mill

Plans for the construction of a Chinese feed mill in Bulgaria’s Dobrich Municipality are finally gaining traction after the Chinese investor was awarded a certificate by Bulgaria’s Dobrich Municipality for the construction of a feed-mill.

The intentions of the investor to construct a feed mill were first announced in May 2014, with land/properties purchases for the project made this earlier this year. Once completed and running at full capacity, the project is projected to produce 300,000 tonnes of feed every year, with all output being exported to China.

A representative of the Chinese company, explained that the investor had chosen Dobrich in Bulgaria because of the well-developed production of grain and maize in the region as well as its proximity to Port Varna, which would be used to export the finished products to China.

He specified that the feed-mill would use raw materials from the region, adding that the northeastern region was Bulgaria’s top grain-producing region. He also informed that the concentrated feed would be produced according to Chinese recipes and that all of the production would be exported to China

It was decided to build the plant with minimum capacity with a view to expand and increase feed production in the future. "We start with two silos along with a single feed production line just to be able to build a factory to get authorisation to begin production with small capacities. In the future, when the work cycle progresses we plan to continue with the construction of the second and third stages - including more silos and more production lines until we reach maximum capacity" said Nadya Marinova, Bulgarian partner of the project.

The investors plan to build a feed mill in an area of ​​26 acres of land located in the Industrial Zone West, close to PGMTE that has already been purchased. The investment is worth 5 million.

Construction of the feed mill is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with the construction of two of the six planned silos to begin in March of 2016.

Several investment projects have been announced for the region in recent months. At the beginning of the year "Agro SIA" announced that it has completed the first stage of its project for the construction of a feed factory and a modern pig farm in the villages of Dubovik and Kapinovo.


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