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Brazil's MPA announce aquaculture programs

Published on 25 April, 2013, Last updated at 16:35 GMT
Brazil's MPA announce aquaculture programs

Brazil's Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture (MPA) Marcelo Crivella last week announced at a ceremony, infrastructure projects aimed at strengthening Brazil's aquaculture industry. The Aquaculture Programs of Acre were chosen as a model to be used for fish farming in Brazil.

At the ceremony held in Brasilia, with representatives and leaders of state governments, public inter-municipal consortia and mayors in attendance, three programs in the areas of shrimp and fish farming, aquaculture and irrigation in Acre were presented to serve as models for other Brazilian states.

According to Crivelli, all projects are to be funded in the future by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture. He stated that the production chain of each project should be fully integrated, from the production of fry, to the production of fish feed in a feed mill, to the processing unit. This is similar to what has already happened in Acre.

This new management model, for which Acre is a pioneer, now serves as a model for the entire country. The project began in 2011 when the state government created the Program for Strengthening of Fish Culture and implanted Acre Industrial Complex Fish Culture.

Secretary for Forestry Development, Industry, Trade and Sustainable Services (SEDENS), Pippa Magellan said that this recognition by the MPA is proof that the local strategies presented to strengthen farming in the state are working.

The Programme for the Strengthening of Aquaculture in Acre operates seamlessly across the production chain by building tanks to increase production, holding training activities and improving technical skills of the producers along with the deployment of an entire industrial structure.

Tanks for increased production are being built on the properties of small fish farmers, scattered throughout the state, and investment has been made on an industrial complex, located at kilometer 29, BR-364, towards White River/Old Port.

The complex is to be based on 60 acres of land, and will have bulit on it one feed mill, an advanced center nursery and a refrigerator for fish processing. These investments will flow capacity to the primary production of the state, which currently has an annual growth rate of around 15%.

For the construction of the complex, the government has set up a new company, called Amazon Fish S/A.
The members of the company include private investors, the State Government - through the Agency's Business Acre (ANAC), and the Central Cooperative Fish Farmers Acre (Acrepeixe) - which represents 2,500 families of small fish farmers and hold 25% of the company's shares.


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