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Cargill Animal Nutrition Signs Agreement with Mountaire Feeds

Published on 9 January, 2007, Last updated at 13:28 GMT


Cargill Animal Nutrition signed a purchase agreement with ntaire Feeds, Inc.purchase certain assets of Mountaire's feed milling and animal health business, including its Prime Quality feed brand. It is anticipated that the sale will be finalized early this month.

According to officials from both companies, the deal will enable Cargill to combine its nutritional technology and management systems with the Prime Quality brand's strong customer base and market presence.

"Cargill is committed to the growth of its animal nutrition business, and we see great opportunity in the Mid-South marketplace," stated Tom Taylor, general manager of Cargill's Kansas City animal nutrition business, which will now include the Prime Quality brand.

"The Prime Quality brand strategically fits with our goals, particularly in the distribution of farm-store products. It is a well-recognized brand that has been developed over the years.

Taylor also noted that the Prime Quality brand provides a complement of talented people, strong brands and geographic distribution to support our growth objective.


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