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Canada Cattle On Feed Over 1 Million Mark

Published on 18 November, 2006, Last updated at 10:38 GMT


CanFax recently released Canada's current cattle on feed numbers for terminal feedlots with 1,000 or more head in Alberta and Saskatchewan. According to the figures, on November 1, Canada's cattle on feed totaled 1,001,473 head.

This was 10.1 percent more than one year ago and was 6.8 percent more than two years ago. The last time the cattle on feed number was above the one million mark was in April.

The number of cattle placed on feed during October declined 2.1 percent from a year ago to 315,130 head. Also, this was down 15.5 percent from two years ago. Steers placed on feed totaled 184,580 head, which accounted for 58.6 percent of the total placements. Heifers placed on feed equaled 130,550 head. More specifically, placements of feeder cattle weighing less than 600 pounds equaled 73,315 head, which was 13.8 percent less than a year ago.

Placements weighing 600 to 699 pounds were 17.7 percent lower than last year, totaling 69,657 head. Feeder cattle placements weighing 700 to 799 pounds totaled 66,219 head, up 7.4 percent over a year ago. Placements weighing more than 800 pounds totaled 105,939 head, which was 16.9 percent more than last year. In the meantime, during October, fed cattle marketings totaled 186,166 head. This was up 16.9 percent over one year ago and was up 13.6 percent over two years ago. The complete report can be found on the CanFax website at


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