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Inauguration held for first phase of poultry project

Published on 21 October, 2012, Last updated at 08:57 GMT
Inauguration held for first phase of poultry project

The first phase of the market-oriented poultry Family project starts operating Tuesday in the northern province of Kwanza Norte, with the inauguration of the first ships of poultry.

Prompted by the minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, Afonso Pedro Canga, the project currently operating in districts of Lucala (Kwanza Norte province) as well as Cacuso and Kalandula (Malanje) was approved by the Cabinet Council, under the funding by South Korea Bank.

The initiative that includes the exploration of poultry and industrial units follows the most modern models of integration and efficiency.

The poultry project comprises 240 ships of creation (pavilions), with a capacity of five thousand birds each, distributed in 12 complexes of 20 ships each, totalling about 1.2 million birds per production cycle (45 days).

It also includes 27 ships creations of players, nine of 18 creates and recreates, an incubator with a capacity of two million eggs incubate for each production cycle.

While, the industrial part is made up of a feed mill with capacity to produce five tons/month and a slaughterhouse that will kill four thousand birds/hour.

The conclusion of this industrial infrastructure is set for next September.


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