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Fonterra defends use of palm kernel in it's cattle feed

Published on 6 February, 2011, Last updated at 20:13 GMT
Fonterra defends use of palm kernel in it's cattle feed

New Zealand -- Fonterra has defended its use of palm kernel by-products in it's cattle feeds, in response to angry protests by Greenpeace concerning with the environmental impacts of the farming of this feed ingredient.

Five Greenpeace activists boarded the MV Great Motion this morning, aiming to stop it unloading 10,000 tonnes of animal feed, of which palm kernel by-products were used in it's production.

The dairy cooperative says a palm kernel by-product makes up about 1% of the dairy cow diet and it's mainly used during drought.

A spokeswoman says Fonterra shares people's concerns about tropical deforestation and has made sure its supply is sustainable. She says the company buys the feed from a source which practises a no-burn policy and respects designated conservation areas.

Police are keeping an eye on a Greenpeace protest, officers from New Plymouth have been assigned to protect property, and make sure there's no breach of the peace.


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