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Fire at feed mill causes explosions

Published on 26 February, 2006, Last updated at 11:12 GMT

25th Feb, 2006: Austin, TEXAS - Lockhart fire officials are investigating Thursday night's fire at the Livengood Feed Mill.

Firefighters worked through the night trying to control the flames. Investigators say a small fire lit clouds of grain dust, causing multiple explosions near Highway 183.

Officials believe the fire started in the basement and ignited the grain dust.

"The grain dust is highly explosive and they had a flash fire from what we suspect started at in the basement and flashed up to the top part of the building," Lockhart Fire Chief Jerry Doyle said.

Two employees were taken to the hospital with second degree burns. The main fire was put out but some grain still smoldered overnight.

The Livengood Feed Mill opened in 1959.


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