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Famsun to host Aquafeed extruding processing seminar

Published on 13 April, 2015, Last updated at 06:07 GMT
Famsun to host Aquafeed extruding processing seminar

FAMSUN is to host a technology seminar in Egypt on the topic of AQUA FEED EXTRUDING PROCESSING.

The event to take place on the 21st of April is scheduled to begin at 12:30 and will finish at 18:00. The seminar will take place at Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, Egypt.

It is expected more than 100 customers to attend this seminar, and people from the industry are invited to attend.

Seminar topics will include:

- Aqua Feed Processing Technology by specialist Mr.Hans (Muyang European R&D Institute)
- Aqua Feed Extrusion Technology by specialist Mr. Zhang (Muyang China R&D Institute)
- Aqua Feed Drying Technology by specialist Mr.Partric (Muyang China R&D Institute)


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