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Aller Aqua holds grand opening for Egyptian feed plant

Published on 10 March, 2015, Last updated at 10:32 GMT
Aller Aqua holds grand opening for Egyptian feed plant

Aller Aqua Group celebrated the opening of the new Aller Aqua Egypt factory on 3rd March 2015. More than 250 people, ministers, ambassadors, happy clients and employees participated in the grand opening of the biggest and most modern fish feed factory in Egypt and all of Africa.

The official opening took place at the Aller Aqua Egypt factory in "6th of October City", where many happy guests witnessed the ribbon to the factory being cut. This honourable task was carried out by by: HE the minister of Agriculture, HE the Ambassador of Denmark, CEO of IFU, Denmark Mr. Tommy Thomsen, CEO of Aller Aqua Group, Denmark Mr. Hans Erik Bylling and CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt Mr. Hussien Mansour.

Speakers at the event included the minister of Agriculture in Egypt, Hussien Mansour, CEO of Aller Aqua Egypt, and Henrik T. Halken, Chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt. The factory was decorated for the day, and a red carpet had been prepared for the guests.After the official inauguration at the factory, celebrations continued at the Hilton Hotel, where even more guests joined in. The many guests celebrated with food and drink at a festive event. Further speeches were given, and a traditional dancer gave a great performance. Speakers at the Hilton Hotel, besides Mr. Mansour and Halken, also included HE the Ambassador of Denmark and CEO of IFU Mr. Tommy Thomsen – moreover a representative of the employees Mr. Ahmed Galal spoke on their behalf.

Aller Aqua Group has, in cooperation with IFU (Investment Fund for Developing Countries), bought the majority of an Egyptian family company in 2011. In 2014 the company has finished a brand new state of the art fish feed factory in Egypt. It is this factory – Egypt's largest and most modern production of environmentally friendly, extruded fish feed – which was inaugurated.

Aller Aqua Egypt, as the Egyptian company is called, has in this connection invested a large sum of money in the area called "6th of October City", situated a 1 hour drive from Cairo. "The momentum we have managed to create in Egypt since 2011 creates the basis for this extraordinary expansion, giving us the opportunity to triple sales" explains Henrik Halken, Chairman of Aller Aqua Egypt.Henrik continues: "We are very excited to welcome more than 200 guests to Aller Aqua Egypt on Tuesday the 3rd of March.


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