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Animal feed said vital to utilize livestock resource

Published on 13 September, 2008, Last updated at 00:50 GMT

Integrated approach is essential to utilize the country’s huge livestock resource efficiently, the Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Technology Institute indicated.

Institute Director General, Dr Ameha Sebsibe, told WIC the country can best benefit from its livestock resources through the integration of adequate supply of animal feed and improved breed as well as disease control measures.

Despite its strategic position and abundant livestock resource, Ethiopia did not benefit from the sector as it should have, the Director General indicated. One of the contributing factors to this inefficiency is lack of adequate animal feed especially in the dry season, he added.

Adequate and reliable supply of the appropriate quality and standard animal feed is vital in order to be successful in the meat and dairy industry. Dr Ameha underscored that in order to ensure a sustainable supply of the desirable quality and standard animal feed, investors and associations should engage in the production and distribution of animal feed.

The production and sale of animal feed should be extensively put to use and encouraged. Investors and associations should produce and supply animal feeds to the meat and dairy industry.

The Institute has various types of animal feeds suitable for different agro-ecological zones. It owns 210 hectares of farm where it undertakes experiments on various types of the product, the Director General noted.

The Institute provides technical support on how to produce and preserve animal feeds. It also sells seeds of animal feeds at a reasonable price; 100 Birr per Kg. The same amount is sold 500 Birr in the market, the Director General noted.

Meanwhile, the Director General called upon investors and associations to closely work with the Institute.

The Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Technology Institute was established in January 2008 to provide technical support to associations and investors engaged in the Meat and Dairy industry.


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