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Ukraine - the market of feed maize observes the stability of prices

Published on 5 December, 2007, Last updated at 22:25 GMT

The price situation on Ukrainian domestic market of feed maize is characterized by relative stability. At that, the purchasing prices are 1150-1200 UAH/t (on ex-elevator terms) and the demand prices are within the range of about 100 UAH/t (on the same terms).

According to the market participants, the current situation was conditioned by lack of offers of large volumes of maize as well as by low demand level.

In particular, as the "APK-Inform" experts inform, the majority of crushers has already formed the necessary stock of raw materials and temporarily halted purchases. At the same time, some of them continue purchasing maize grain, but as a rule only in proportion to sales of the ready products and by small volume parties.

Let us remind you, that during November the prices for feed maize on Ukrainian market remained relatively stable (after noticeable decreasing at the end of October caused by delay of beginning of grain export terms initiated by Government).

According to the market operators, the price stability would remain till the end of 2007.


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