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Oil Coating Machinery
Most dry-expanded feed operations apply liquid fat and/or flavors after drying, cooling, and sizing to enhance the acceptability and palatability of their products. Where it is preferred that... Oil Coating Machinery
Feed screeners, sieves and seperators
The sifter (also refered to as sieves, screens and screeners) is a separator, usually oscillating, with a number of screens. It is used to separate... Feed screeners, sieves and seperators
Scales, Weighing, Batching equipment
Accurate scales for weighing ingredients and completed feeds are essential parts of all feed mills. For small scale manufacturing, the type that have a direct reading dial... Scales, Weighing, Batching equipment
Roller mill
Roller mills accomplish size reduction through a combination of forces and design features. If the rolls rotate at the same speed, compression is the... Roller mill
Variable Pellet Relief (VR)
Variable relief: The rows on the outside of the die do not pellet as effectively as the center rows of a pellet die,... Variable Pellet Relief (VR)
Tapered Pellet Die Relief
Tapered relief: In a tapered relief the die holes gradually taper out at the ends as the pellets leave the compression area. The... Tapered Pellet Die Relief
Standard Pellet Relief
Standard relief: Dies are often made thicker than required for just the compression of the feed, the reason being to give the die... Standard Pellet Relief
Pellet Rolls & Shells
Single or double rolls (also known as pellet shells) mounted inside the die ring on a cam or eccentric, turn on a rotating shaft as friction develops... Pellet Rolls & Shells
Pellet Presses
This section is coming soon. Please check back... Pellet Presses
Pellet mills
The process of pelleting consists of forcing a soft feed through holes in a metal die plate to form compacted pellets which are then cut to a... Pellet mills
Pellet dies
The mass majority of feeds are pelleted, which means that they require to go through a pellet mill or a pelleting press. Inside the pellet mill the most important part for producing the pellets is... Pellet dies
Pellet dies: Relief of a pellet die
Relief (R) or also known as Counterbore Depth (X): measures the relief provided in the die as the pellet exits the die hole. Enlarged holes are counterbored into the die to reduce its effective... Pellet dies: Relief of a pellet die
Pellet dies: Materials
... Pellet dies: Materials
Pellet dies: The life of a Pellet Die
There are many variables that can play a part in the effective life of a pellet die. Some of these variables are explained below: - The feed formulation (composition of the raw... Pellet dies: The life of a Pellet Die

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