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Animal Pellet Mill

Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Product Description

Type: SZLH Series Pellet Mill

Application:can be used for livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed and aquatic feed.

Capacity :0.4-15T/H

Pellet size: 0.8-15 mm


LoChamp has successfully developed SZLH series Pellet Mill by the combination of conventional European belt pellet mill with double motors and gear pellet machine. It takes both advantages of belt and gear machines, improve the weakness, and meanwhile make the pellet production more efficient, faster and save more energy, which has made great contribution to pellet mill.

Currently it has been formed pelletizing series including livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed and aquatic feed.


1.Flexible transmission mode,safe and efficient

Achieve adjustable speed by replacing the pulley
Double motors with triangle belt driving system, smooth rotation, low noise and no need lubrication.

2.Practical and Durable

Compared with gear machine, the main shaft bearing is more durable, no oil leakage phenomenon.
The starting current is only half of gear machine because of double motors, and little influence on power grid.
The support bar and main shaft in pelletizing bin are forged together. Roller and main shaft are processed together to ensure the parallelism between the eccentric shaft of roller and axis of ring die, keep uniform gap between roller and ring die.

3.Multiple Choices, Wide Application

Can be used for livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed and aquatic feed.

Technical Parameters
Model Power of Main Motor(kw) Capacity(t/h) Inner Dia of Die(mm) Number of Rollers Power of Pellet Mill(kw) Power of Feeder(kw) The Steam Consumption(t/h)
SZLH250 7.5/11*2 0.6-2 Φ250 2 5.5 0.75 ≥0.1
SZLH350 22/30*2 2-5 Φ350 2 5.5 0.75 0.5
SZLH420 45/55*2 5-12 Φ420 2 7.5 1.5 1.0
SZLH520 55/75*2 3-16 Φ520 2 11 1.5 1.5


Henan Longchang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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