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SWGB15x70 Sole-plate Stabilizing Dryer

Muyang Group
Product Description

Post ripening machine specialized for the treatment of hard pellet aquafeed.

The stabilizing part is in a jacketed structure, which can be peripherally heated uniformly, preventing material from non-uniform heating.

With the special soleplate structure, the two-way conveying can be realized by a single conveyer belt, which extends drying time.

The flap discharging mechanism is used for the transition between stabilizing and drying, which has excellent wind protection effect and controllability.

The steam system is perfectly installed and users only need to make simple connection.And the automatic control of steam can be realized by adding relative functional parts as required by users.

The self-cleaning function minimizes the hazard from remaining dusts.

Entirely made of stainless steel, the machine is well protected against the damage from corrosive gas, thereby extending its service life.

An access door is set in the front side, facilitating daily maintenance and repairing.And some sight glasses are furnished in the sides and on top of the machine for inspecting the running conditions of the machine.

Suitable for high-grade hard pellet feeds, for example, the stabilizing treatment of shrimp feed, which can further improves feed quality and elevates ripening degree and water stability.

Technical Parameters


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