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MUZL 600/1200 Pellet Mill

Muyang Group
Product Description

Highly efficient pellet mill for poultry feed, livestock feed and aquafeed production.

More than 4000 sets of equipments are running stably for a long term in global over 60 countries.

Muyang MUZL series pellet mill ranks the first in worldwide market share!
In accordance with international technology standards, Muyang designs and manufactures pellet mill,Now, the main stream of pellet mill drive is belt drive, which is preferred by European developed countries, representing the trend of industry development.


High quality

Special three-roller structure, equal die force, rational distribution of material ply, long-lasting extruding, high PDI and stable in water.A combination use of different diameter cylinder conditioner plus two-layer single-cycle conditioner, performing a full play of the two conditioners, in order to have good conditioning.No contamination of oil leakage, feed becomes more clean and safe.


Double-motor synchronous gearing-shape belt step-by-step driving system is adopted by the machine, which is characterized by ideal drive ratio and large driving moment,smooth rotation, high output, low noise, and easy operation and maintenance.


The machine is equipped with variable frequency motor feeding, overload protection device,outside discharging mechanism and motor load velocity device, safety is more assured.

Ease of maintenance

Die hoisting device easy and safe; convenient cutter adjustment: conveniently observing blade joint;adjustable blade angle contributing to even end surface of feed being cut; ease of changing blade; full-automatic lubricating device, fast and easy, better lubrication.

Technical Parameters
Main motor power (kw) Capacity (t/h)
Internal diameter of die (mm)
Number of rolls
Power of feed motor (kw)
Pellet size (mm)
55x2 3-13 Φ550 3 1.5 Φ2-12
75x2 4-18 Φ550 3 1.5 Φ2-12
MUZL600X 55x2 1.5-3.5 Φ550 3
90x2 4-22 Φ650 3 2.2 Φ2-12
MUZL1200-II 110x2 4-27 Φ650 3 2.2 Φ2-12
MUZL1200X 110x2 2-5 Φ650 3 2.2 Φ1.5-Φ2.5
X represents the special pellet mill for shrimp feed
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